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Maverick Acres is a family owned farm in south Texas that focuses on using regenerative agricultural methods in the production of meat goats and beef cattle.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative ag is a way of farming that mimics nature and works with natural processes. These methods lead to improved soil which stores more carbon, holds more water, and improves food production.  In general, the main principles of regenerative ag include:

1. Minimize soil disturbance - little or no plowing.

2. Maximize crop diversity.

3. Keep the soil covered - exposed soil is a detrimental.

4. Maintain living plants throughout the year.

5. Integrate livestock.


Why do we do it?

We believe regenerative ag is accessible and results in healthier animals.  Here's what we focus on:

  • We keep the ground covered in grass, no tillage.

  • We rotate our animals to fresh pasture regularly.

  • We let pastures rest between grazing.

  • We plant cover crops to provide a variety of vegetation for our animals.


We're still learning and continuing to grow our farm, but we're happy to share what we have learned thus far and connect you with other farmers and resources we have benefited from.   

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