Hay Sales

Quality Hay South of San Antonio

I'm partnering with my dad, a long time farmer in South Texas, to promote his quality hay products.

We offer 4x5 round bales of Coastal Bermuda as well as hay grazer (a Sorghum-Sudan hybrid), and mixed field grass.  The mixed field grass bales can vary, but they normally contain mostly concho grass (Texas Panicum), crab grass, and common Bermuda.

Our prices vary depending on the season and demand, but you can typically expect the Coastal Bermuda and Sorghum-Sudan bales to range from $50 to $60.  Mixed grass bales to run around $30 to $40.

We are limited in our ability to deliver hay at this time, but we may be able to deliver depending on your location and quantity.  Pick up in the field is preferred, and we will load you up whether it's a big gooseneck or the back of your pickup truck.  Located near Devine, Texas.

Call or Text (210) 508-0653 to discuss your hay needs.  You may also email at MaverickAcres@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

It's a 30 minute drive southwest of San Antonio, between Devine and Bigfoot.  We are 3.5 miles east of Devine off of Highway 173.  

Will you deliver to my location?

While we do what we can to make deliveries, we are limited by available manpower and hauling capacity.  We can haul a maximum of 4 bales at a time.  We are happy to discuss delivery, but we cannot guarantee it. 

We have made some contacts with individuals willing to do custom hauling.  If delivery is a necessity and we cannot help you, we will get quotes from our contacts for delivery.  

Is there a delivery charge if able to deliver?

When we are able to deliver we typically charge between $25 and $40 per load, depending on distance.

Is your hay organic?

No.  We spray herbicide to kill noxious weeds and we use commercial fertilizer.

Do you have square bales?

No.  We produce 4x5 round bales.

How much do your round bales weigh?

We estimate they weigh about 900 pounds on average.

Hablas español?

Mi español no es bueno. Utilizo Google Translate en mensajes de texto y correo electrónico. Nuestro heno número uno es Joe, y habla español. Si no puedo ayudarte haré que Joe hable contigo.

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